I will work collaboratively with you to develop strategies tailored to your organization’s mission, culture, and challenges

I will partner with you to provide customized services to help your organization reach its goals. For each and every client, I incorporate strategy and innovation because a cookie cutter approach will not do.

Not-for-profit (NFP) work isn’t for the faint of heart. Honestly, it can be quite intimidating, specifically because the work that these organizations are doing is so important. When you find yourself feeling intimidated and lacking the motivation to move forward, I’m here to help.

I consider myself a professional trainer for NFP organizations rather than a traditional consultant. In addition to having the education, skill set, and proven track record to help you and your organization, I also have the ability to motivate and challenge you. I will hold you accountable to our agreed-upon strategies and goals and problem solve, as needed.

I will help you create a customized strategy that will help your organization advance its mission. When you incorporate strategy and innovation into your governance and administration, you will find that your organization will make a stronger impact.

My comprehensive services include:

  1. NFP Coaching

  2. Organizational and Program Assessments

  3. Philanthropic Consulting (including campaigns)

  4. Retreat and Workshop Facilitation

  5. Strategic Planning

Let me be your professional trainer to help you and your NFP unlock the next level.